As a young and vibrant real estate development company, we at Vijayas Group are very passionate about our work. We’ve a team full of ambitious and enthusiastic people willing to work hard and deliver good quality results. Our goal is to offer our customers properties that serve their needs well and provide excellent value for money.
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Our Services


Vijayas Ventures Pvt Ltd

People put a lot of care and thought into the purchase of a property, especially if the property is to be your home. As they say, your home is where your heart is; and the property you purchase should be worthy of that important place in your life.

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Vijayas Constructions

We are well established building contractors in Bangalore. We handle all kinds of civil contracts, turn key projects, interior decoration works, liasoning works and other development works. We believe that by maintaining a strong, competent and selective

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Vijay Electricals

Vijay Electricals was established in 2005 by the proprietor Vijay Kumar. G. B., and has flourished ever since. Mr. Vijay Kumar has ample experience in the electrical engineering industry and has a deep understanding of how these systems work.

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What Makes Us Stand Out?


Property is a big investment and most people spend a lifetime paying back the loan they take to buy one. As a real estate developer, it’s our responsibility to understand and respect the amount of trust customers place in our skills and promises. We make sure all of the properties we build are durable, well-planned and beautiful.
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We were looking for a property near Ryan International School and Vaibhav was one of the properties that stood out for us. The sales team at Vijayas was very responsive and helpful and gave us all the information we needed about the houses. That’s why we choose to buy a flat there. ReadmoreJenny T.,
I intend to move to Bangalore soon and was looking for a good place to live. I needed a place near Electronic City so I looked at many new projects close to it. My wife and I were disappointed with every one until we looked at Vijayas Vaibhav. It was exactly what we needed. ReadmoreKetan Deshmukh,

After moving from one rental home to another, I wanted to settle down in one place. I wanted something that was comfortable but reasonably priced and Vaibhav fit the bill. More than the flat, I like the amenities they offer and my wife wanted something close to a good school. Vaibhav worked very well for us. Readmore

Anuj Narayan,

I work at Electronic City and needed a property that was close to it. Other options didn’t look good to me because I wanted something that was open and big. I found exactly what I needed at Vijayas Vaibhav and my family was happy with the design of the flat too. Readmore

Shyam K., Electronic City