Vijayas Group- About us

As a young and vibrant real estate development company, we at Vijayas Group are very passionate about our work. We’ve a team full of ambitious and enthusiastic people willing to work hard and deliver good quality results.

Vijayas Group was established by the Managing Director VijayaKumar. G. B., and has flourished ever since. Mr. VijayaKumar has ample experience in the Construction industry and has a deep understanding of how these systems work. He established Vijayas Group with the goal of offering our customers properties that serve their needs well and provide excellent value for money.

We use state-of-the-art technology and have highly skilled and educated people in our staff. With us, you get high-quality construction, innovative designs, and honest business practices so your investment isn’t wasted on a bad product. Our projects are well-planned, well-executed, and cost-effective. You’ll get a comfortable and beautiful home that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

What’s Our Mission?

We want to be the industry leaders and provide life-enriching spaces and resilient structures to our customers.

What are Our Values?

  • Quality – We plan our projects meticulously and ensure all buildings we develop are well-designed and executed.
  • Punctuality – We ensure all our projects are completed on time and when our customers expect it.
  • Transparency – With us, you won’t get any hidden costs and dishonesty.
  • Reliability – You can rely on us to work for your benefit and provide the best possible services.
  • Trust-Worthy – You can expect us to deliver a good product consistently on all our projects.

What is Our Vision?

Our vision and mission has always been to buildbeautiful homes that can become the very symbol of security and comfort for homeowners.

We believe our customers deserve the best possible product for their investment and work hard to give them just that. Our residential properties are well-designed, spacious, and durable with all amenities that homeowners could possibly need. Our commercial properties are resilient and attractive, and will help bring more customers to your doorstep. They have high levels of visibility and great facilities.

We do thorough research before we start any project and take time to understand our potential customer’s wants and preferences. It is this attention to detail that has made us one of the best real estate developers in Bangalore.

You rightfully expect the best quality from us so we take steps to ensure you’re not disappointed. We hire contractors and subcontractors with great care and ensure they have a well-established reputation and great skill before we hire them. We have good relationships with these contractors and know they’re trustworthy.

Our Philosophy

  • Our team believes in delivering a good quality product at competitive prices.
  • We encourage learning and growth in our team members and create a workplace environment that fosters it.
  • We make no compromises on our employee safety and make sure their work environment is as hazard-free as possible.
  • Our company uses eco-friendly materials and practices in our projects.
  • We also believe that our respect and commitment to these values matters to you and how you perceive us.

Why Us?

  • Creative and Innovative
  • Professional Team of Employees
  • Experience
  • Flexibility and Professionalism
  • Immediate Follow-Up with Customers after Purchase
  • Safe, Well-Trained,and Productive Work Force
  • Price without Compromise on Quality
  • Client Assistance during the Sales Process
  • Great After-Sales Service and Maintenance Support

Our Services

Property Developers
Property is one of the biggest investments people make in their lives. constrIt’s a realization of a lifelong dream and a sign of stability and comfort. Everyone deserves a home they can love and be comfortable in; and we at Vijayas Ventures Pvt. Ltd aim to provide that to our customers. We’re a young and vibrant real estate development company based out of Bangalore full of ambitious and enthusiastic people.
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Construction Servicesconst1
We are well established building contractors in Bangalore. We handle all kinds of civil contracts, turn key projects, interior decoration works, liasoning works and other development works.
We believe that by maintaining a strong, competent and selective construction service we can focus on adding value to Clients projects. We have number of clients who are willingly giving us opportunity to do service to their multiple projects consistently. We believe that being young, we can hunt for more experience; strive hard to work out risks.
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Electrical serviceselectrical
Vijay Electricals was established in 2005 by the proprietor Vijay Kumar. G. B., and has flourished ever since. Mr. Vijay Kumar has ample experience in the electrical engineering industry and has a deep understanding of how these systems work. He established Vijay Electricals with the goal of installing and maintaining efficient electrical systems on properties, both residential and commercial.
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What Makes Us Stand Out?
Property is a big investment and most people spend a lifetime paying back the whatloan they take to buy one. As a real estate developer, it’s our responsibility to understand and respect the amount of trust customers place in our skills and promises. We make sure all of the properties we build are durable, well-planned and beautiful. You might ask why you should choose our projects over countless others scattered across Bangalore so here are a few reasons:

Excellent Team – We have very stringent hiring policies and processes and have assembled a team of truly prodigious people. They’re dedicated to quality and strive for perfection on every project. They pay attention to details and make sure the end results are as flawless as they can be.

Outstanding Contractors and Subcontractors – The contractors we hire are some of the best in the industry. We don’t choose recklessly or compromise on skills and experience to save money. The only way to get the best possible result is to ensure people who physically work on the project are skilled so we don’t choose lightly.

Great Design – It’s easy to design projects that look pretty and sturdy but not all can stand up to Indian weather conditions and the property owner’s expectations. We don’t believe in low-quality construction; so our team invests a lot of time and conducts comprehensive research before we begin a project.

The Group is a professionally managed Organisation and is well supported by more than 300 people comprising design, architecture, finance, engineering, legal, commercial, strategy, PR and corporate communication, sales & marketing and CRM & facility management departments.

At Vijayas Group, we design and develop both residential and commercial properties of good quality. If you want something that’s worth your investment, contact us today!